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(originally posted October 2016)

I had a dream the other night. One in which Mary Bennet was made to live in the attic of Longbourn (it was made into a bedroom) I could tell because to ceiling in her room was pointed. It wasn't too shabby but it was simpler than the other bedrooms in the house. Mary made it comfortable for herself though, the walls were also painted blue A short bookcase full of books, there might have been a desk, a bed, a place to to put her clothes. Also hidden compartments behind the pictures on her walls for hiding her most precious papers and other things.

I'm only typing this thing about because I don't want to forget anymore details.

Wickham is wither a Bennet brother (by birth or adopted when he was young)
(Either that or he got close enough to Mary, like a real brother, when he married Lydia)

Mrs. Bennet is verbally abusive to Mary (and occasionally physical) and George tries to defend her from it (he was wearing his red coat)

And for the record the dream was based off of the 2005 adaptation

This is the second Mary Bennet dream I've had (maybe the third?). I'd written the first one dawn. And I really should have typed up a copy of it in one of my LJ's,

I think i found it but it didn't have as much detail as I'd thought. I'll sum up:

-It takes place after P&P
-Her name is engraved in a hall ceiling along with someone else's (I didn't catch it)
-She catches glimpses of the TARDIS in the crowds around her (stylized images). She didn't know what it was. The more she looked the more she noticed it(Maybe Mr. Darcy knew what was going on)

(this is where it gets REALLY weird)

-Queen Latifah also made an appearance as an actually Queen/Fairy godmother type of person.

-Mary's sisters were around but most of them didn't give her much thought, except Kitty who was nearly always by Mary's side
-Also noted it says that "I think if I had dreamt longer I think the Doctor might have taken mary as a companion"


Also I don't know if this was part of the same dream or not (might've been)

Mary and her yummy Mr. Darcy-ish but better admirer (in a scene that reminded me of THAT sunrise scene. mary has he hair down and is wearing a soft purple dress and Mr. Yummy was wearing a soft red (non-military and not pink) coat. Lydia was there and pissed off that Mary found someone before she did (P&P AU where Mr. Wickham didn't run off with Lydia?)


ever notice when I dream of Mary it turns out to be rather Cinderella-ish?

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